How to Build the Perfect RAM Mount - Part 3

How to Build the Perfect RAM Mount - Part 3

  1. Connecting the ends – size does matter

RAM makes most of it’s parts in various ball sizes.

RAM-XXX – a C series part with 1.5” ball

RAM-B-XXX – a B series part with 1” ball

RAM-D-XXX – a D series part with 2.25” ball

RAM-E-XXX – an E Seeries part with 3.38” ball

The bigger the ball size the larger the device that can be accommodated – or the same device can be mounted in more extreme situations.  For a road vehicle B series is great, for truck or tractor C is better, in the warehouse or in forestry / excavation think D series and if you have a fleet of tanks hanging around then E series is going to ensure that things don’t fly off in the heat of battle.  Seriously an E series ball is about the size of a newborn babies head but quite a bit more resilient.

As an example if you mount a depth sounder on your boat that you use occasionally on the lake then B series is fine bout take that same boat out into heavy swells in the ocean and C is definitely the minimum you will need.

Ideally you need the same series parts at each end.  However, there are some parts that convert C to B and vice versa (for instance the RAP-BC-201u arm) but it’s best to stick to the same series if possible.

RAM arms connect the base to the cradle (well to be accurate the ball on back of the cradle) and come in three sizes – imaginatively called short, medium and long.  The exact lengths vary depending on the Series.

You can join 2 arms of the same series together with a “-230U” double ball adaptor if you need a bit more length or a bit more adjustability - B, C or D series.

If an arm or two won’t work consider a Flex-Rod which is a long price of metal that can be cut to the perfect length and bent into shape to place your device right where you need it.   These are great for vehicle bases.

In other scenarios a straight pole is available to give you that extra length fron the base to the cradle. Poles and posts come in alloy and also in composite.

  1. Alloy or Composite

Arms and bases are often available as either marine grade aluminium alloy (parts starting with. “RAM”) or high strength composite (“RAP”).  The composite is fractionally lighter but is better if it’s repeatedly exposed to salt water.  The dimensions of similar RAM and RAP components may differ slightly.

So there you have it – like all good stories your RAM story will have a beginning, a middle and and end – and hopefully that end result is a “perfect mounting solution”

If you are struggling still, no problem, we are here to help.

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