Warehouse and Forklift RAM Mounts

Warehouse and Forklift RAM Mounts

So while we are in lockdown / out of lockdown / about to go back into lockdown we get a load of enquiries for people in warehousing situations looking for solutions for mounting their tablets.  The supply chain keeps moving albeit slowly at times!

Life would be a lot simpler if forklift / reach-truck / order-picker manufacturers would keep things standard! But, alas, they don’t so here is where a little Gadget Guys experience comes in.

One place you could start for some inspiration is with the  RAM Material Handling catalogue – there are also separate catalogues for Honeywell, Zebra and for the GDS Technology range. If you can’t find specific parts on our website please enquire as we can usually get them in within a reasonably short timeframe.

The cradle, or powered cradle, for a warehouse / materials handling set-up will be just the same as for any other RAM device – so long as you us a C Series set-up.  RAM C series components are ideal for mounting such devices as scanner guns, small printers and most tablets.  We would not usually recommend the B series for warehouse use unless the device is a phone or phablet. When heavier devices are needed then look to the RAM D or even E series parts.  Larger screens and devices with VESA hole patterns can be accommodated by the RAM-D-246U or RAM-D-2461U base plates or their E Series equivalents.

In most Forklift operations the preferred location is either on the overhead guard or on the vertical posts of the overhead guard.

In the set-up above a RAM-271U-2 clamp is used on the vertical post for the overhead guard and is combined with a RAM-201U-C long C Series arm, Tab-Tite cradle and RAM-202U round base plate.

In the following setup a RAM-335 Overhead Guard plate is used with a RAM-D-246U square plate and a RAM-D-201U-C short arm

Other popular clamps that could be considered would be the RAM-247U-15 square post clamp (there are other sizes also available) or any other RAM clamp such as the large Tough-Claw or RAM V-Shaped base.

RAM is flexible enough to make the solution you are looking for not only possible but also durable and cost-effective.  If you are struggling still, no problem, we are here to help.

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