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iASUS EAR3 V2 Helmet Amplifier - Increase the volume

iASUS EAR3 V2 Helmet Amplifier - Increase the volume


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iASUS EAR3 Amplifier - for Helmet intercoms and speakers with 3.5mm connections

* Small, simple, compact and portable design
* Practical and powerful, version of EAR3 amplifier with quick release mounting system for helmets

If you have helmet speakers which use a 3.5mm plug but require more volume this is the solution. Just snap it on and go and easily move it between your helmets whenever you want.

Want to hear what’s happening around you? The IASUS EAR3 is a portable audio amplifier with a ‘smart’ mic transparency mode to seamlessly blend your music with the ambient environment around you the way you like it. No more close calls with traffic or interruption to your music. Create a fuller, more robust sound experience as the EAR3 amplifies your audio with the precise analog volume control. Turn on the EAR3 smart mic transparency mode by pushing the slider to the on position and experience the blend of your music with the outside sound in

Enjoy powerful, high fidelity audio with the innovative design of the IASUS EAR3 Helmet Amp. This versatile amplifier is made to boost the audio output volume to your helmet speakers. With a built in battery lasting up to 20 hours this is the perfect partner to any Bluetooth comm system, smartphone, or mp3 player set up.

With high-performance audio boost to keep you motivated, a secure fit that won’t shift or fall off during long hours of riding. Whether you are on the track and need to have comms, out riding into the sunset or for your business calls on the go, this is the companion you need for any set up to boost the audio you have desperately been looking for.


+ Output Power: 55mW per channel x 2 @ 16 Ω55mW per, Channel x 2 @ 16 Ω
+ Maximum Output: Less than 0.5mV
+ S/N Ratio: 80dB
+ Sensitivity Frequency Response: 10Hz to 100Khz +0/-0.1dB
+ Impedence: Input: 1k Ohm, Output: 16-32 Ohm
+ Weight: 30g incl. battery
+ Battery: Lithium-polymer (LiPo)
+ Dimensions: 51 x 37 x 20mm
+ 12 Month Warranty