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RAM Mounts

RAM Marine Roller-Ball Paddle & Accessory Holder

RAM Marine Roller-Ball Paddle & Accessory Holder


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RAP-412U RAM® Roller-Ball™ Paddle & Accessory Holder

With the RAM® Roller-Ball™ Clip for Tracks, easily secure your net, paddle, gaff hooks, stakeout / push poles, or BogaGrip®. Its three-point security design means there are always three points of tension keeping your net, paddle or other items attached, while also ensuring quiet placement and removal. The T-Bolt adapter is compatible with the RAM® Tough-Track™ and most other kayak track systems, and holds paddles and poles 1” - 1 5/16” in diameter.

Note: This product consists of one single RAM® Roller-Ball™ Clip. For larger paddles and heavy duty applications, a second RAM® Roller-Ball™ may be required.

Specs & Features

Hardware Included
(1) Friction Washer
(1) 1/4"-20 x 5/8" T-Bolt

T bolt dimensions
12.19 x 24.13mm (.48" x .95")

Rubber and High Strength Composite

113 grams / 0.25 lbs.