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RAM Radar Detector Mount - Power Plate with Fork Stem Mount / Medium Arm

RAM Radar Detector Mount - Power Plate with Fork Stem Mount / Medium Arm


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RAM-B-176-300-1U- RAM Fork Stem mounting for Radar Detectors - medium arm.


* Designed to hold a range of devices including radar detectors; rectangular metal plate attaches to the back of your device
* Magnetic plate features adhesive, two powerful magnets, and cradle
* Fork Stem base keeps the radar unit central
* The double ball and socket design provides infinite adjust-ability
* Made of high-strength composites and aluminium alloy for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments
* Backed by a lifetime warranty

A rock solid radar detector motorcycle mount which puts the radar detector front and centre. The radar detector is secured via powerful magnets with a base that fits inside your fork stem mounting hole.

The RAM Magnetic Power Plate™ III, is designed to hold various devices including radar detectors and cellphones. The magnetic plate includes two powerful rare earth magnets, composite cradle, and one self-adhesive metal plate. To mount your device to the magnet you will need to attach the self-adhesive metal plate to the back of your device. The rectangular metal plate is 50mm x 38mm x 0.08mm thick metal plate.

The Fork Stem Base is one of the cleanest and most popular solutions for mounting your device cleanly on the centre of your bike. This part is designed to fit into the cylindrical bore wall of fork stems and will work with stems that measure from 12mm to 38mm (.5” to 1.49”)

Complete with a round base and medium arm to connect the two mounts.

Compatible Devices

Any Radar Detector with 4" x 3" Bottom Flat Surface Area


ESD 7570

Max 360
Passport S55
Solo S4



One V1

Arm Dimensions:
Overall Length: 94mm (3.69")
Socket-To-Socket Length: 76mm (3")


RAM-B-342U - Fork stem mount
RAM-B-202U - Round base
RAM-B-201U - arm for 1" balls
RAP-300-1U - Power plate mount

Other configurations are available. Just ask! We can also supply longer arms if you prefer - please contact us and we can make a kit to suit your needs.

Note: no complete image as this listing is simply the component parts that make up the mount.