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RAM Scanner Gun Holder - Power-Grip Universal Holder - with Square Post Clamp

RAM Scanner Gun Holder - Power-Grip Universal Holder - with Square Post Clamp


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RAM-396-101U-247-4 RAM® Power-Grip™ Universal Scanner Gun Holder with 100mm Square Post Clamp


* RAM Power-Grip™ basket securely locates your barcode scanner
* Clamping base ideal for square posts up to 102mm (4") in width; adjustable and easily removable
* Included C size 1.5" RAM® rubber ball allows for connection to any C size RAM® double socket arm
* RAM ball and socket technology allows for near-infinite adjustability
* Made of High strength composite and powder-coated, marine-grade aluminium for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments
* Backed by a lifetime warranty

The RAM Power-Grip™ Universal Scanner Gun Holder is compatible with a wide range of ruggedized 2D barcode scanners. Using a variety of high strength, quality materials, The Power-Grip™ securely locates your 2D barcode scanner while you aren't using it.

When required, the 2D barcode scanner easily removes to quickly scan the desired item. The unique open bottom design enables scanning while in the holder. Replaceable elastomeric fins grip the handle of the scanner tight to ensure the most secure fit, and can be easily replaced if required. Backed with RAM's renowned lifetime warranty, the Power-Grip™ Universal Scanner Gun Holder is an essential accessory for your 2D barcode scanner.

The base consists of a double socket arm, round 2.5" diameter round base with the universal AMPS hole pattern and clamp base. Rubber ball, socket technology dampens shock and vibration, as well as allows for almost infinite adjustment, perfect viewing angles.

The clamp base will wrap around a maximum width of 101.6mm (4") and is tightened by screwing the two plates together with the included nuts and bolts.

Specs & Features

Scanner Basket Internal Dimensions
Width: 88.1mm (3.47")
Length: 54.9mm (2.16")
Depth: 124.5mm (4.9")

High strength composite
Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminium

Arm Length:
143mm (5.625")
114mm (4.5")

Maximum Clamp Width
101.6 mm (4")

Ball Size:
1.5" "C" size Rubber Ball Size


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