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Ready2Talk HS36M Condenser Microphone for PA 63, PA 64, MB 1 PA systems

Ready2Talk HS36M Condenser Microphone for PA 63, PA 64, MB 1 PA systems


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Ready2Talk HS 36M with On / Off Switch - left side microphone

* Designed for use with PA 63, PA 64, MB 1 PA systems
* In-line on/off switch
* Comfortable behind the head fit
* Great value
* Great performance
* Light weight and comfortable for all day use.
* Unparalleled performance without any feedback
* Left hand side micophone

Designed and manufactured by Ready2Talk in Canada these offer a number of benefits. Similar to the HS 30M and HS 40M, but designed specifically for the PA 63, PA 64, MB 1 and automatically eliminates the on/off mic pop. It will not function with the PA 5 Series systems

The inline On/Off switch means that you can have a private conversation and the switch will trigger the muting function when playing music from your iPhone into the PA.

Designed to fit any sized head and you can even wear a hat. Just bend the band to fit … go ahead, it’s tough. And like all our microphones it has been designed with our PA systems so it will make everyone sound like a FM radio DJ. Even me.

Condenser mics - an overview:

Condenser mics are relatively new and have been in mass production for about 20 years. As the name applies they are much smaller in size therefore they are a lot more popular in today’s small electronics. They are used in things like telephone and computer headsets, cell phones, two way radios; you would recognize them as the little headsets that telephone operators wear on today’s TV shows, those are condenser mics.

Condenser mics are so small they require a power source to make them work or phantom power. That’s why you might remember seeing the ones with a little battery in the cord that annoyingly wears out when you need it most… for that big tour. Also, generally condenser mics are more sensitive than Dynamic mics or should I say, condenser mics will be louder than the same type of mic using a Dynamic cartridge. Power is provided up the microphone wire to the condenser mic so batteries are not required