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Iasus Concepts

iASUS XS3 Stereo HiFi in-helmet speakers

iASUS XS3 Stereo HiFi in-helmet speakers


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iASUS Concepts XS3: The toughest helmet speakers in the world. Super thin and super powerful.


Sleek, hyper lightweight and robust: The XSound 3 features an acoustically tuned chassis that is CNC-machined from high grade aluminum, a material not commonly found in modern headphones. Designed, produced, and assembled with the highest level of detail, the XSound 3 performs as precise as it looks.


The IASUS dynamically tuned audio drivers project the fullest and clearest sounds possible, rivalling many of the best full-sized headphones on the market.

Custom Fit

With its purposefully thin design, the XSound 3 mounts inside any helmet. With the included foam pads, it offers a custom fit for maximum comfort and performance as well as eliminating degradation in audio.


The XSound 3 is equipped with the Kevlar-reinforced wires that withstand 10 lbs of pull in demanding scenarios.


* Acoustically tuned chassis CNC-machined from high grade aluminum

* Sleek, extremely thin yet robust housing

* Dynamically tuned audio drivers to project the fullest and clearest sounds possible.

* Rugged Kevlar reinforced cable

Thickness 9.9mm, Diameter 45mm

Maximum Power
500 mW

Frequency Range
20Hz to 22 KHz

60 Ohm

Gold plated 3.5mm stereo plug

1m extension cable (total length 1.3m)

Still not enough volume? - consider adding the IASUS EAR3 amplifier allowing you to boost volume and listen to the outside when you need


Proper speaker placement is crucial. Please install the included foam pads to position the speakers to be right up to the ears. Any space left between the ear and speaker will result in a lower volume and usually leads to the volume being turned up to excessive levels. THIS MAY CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO THE SPEAKERS. IASUS does not recommend listening to music at excessive levels which may lead to hearing damage.


Customer feedback:
rockinj72 : Great trader, quick shipping. Great product, highly recommend IASUS XS3 helmet speakers! High quality sound and loud! Cheers J.

ludpwr: Super stoked with this trade, I've been looking for a good set of speakers for my helmet for a while. Very impressed with this product! Thank you! A+++