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RAM Mounts

RAM Ball Adaptor Base for Grab Handles & Handlebar Clamps

RAM Ball Adaptor Base for Grab Handles & Handlebar Clamps


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RAM-B-367BU RAM® Ball Adaptor Base for Grab Handles & Handlebar Clamps


* Compatible with any vehicle grab handle with removable hardware or motorcycles with a M8 threaded bolt; hardware not included
* B size 1" RAM® rubber ball allows for connection to any B size RAM® double socket arm; ball and socket technology allows for near-infinite adjustability
* Made of Powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum for durability and reliability in the most demanding marine environments
* Backed by a lifetime warranty

The RAM® Grab Handle Bolt Adapter Base is the ideal base for installing RAM® Mounts on a grab handle, or any motorcycle with an M8 threaded bolt. With a hollow center, you are able to feed an 8mm bolt or smaller to screw into your vehicle's grab handle for a stable mounting base with no drilling required. Keep your windshield clean, and your phone mount out of the way with this grab handle mount for phones, GPS devices, GoPros and more!

For motorcycles, simply place our easy to install ball base onto the motorcycle handlebar top clamp and you're done. After that, a world of mounting possibilities just opened up. Any motorcycle, or vehicle, which employs an 8mm bolt or smaller on its structure is compatible with this product. A smaller bolt can be used, though the load capacity decreases with the bolt size.

Ball/Socket Size
B Size (1")

Weight Capacity
Standard Use: 907 grams (2 lbs)
Heavy-Duty Use: 454 grams (1 lb)

Marine-grade aluminium

22.7 grams (0.05 lbs.)


Q: Do you offer this with different thread pitch hex bolts?

A: No, at this time the only hardware we offer with that ball base are different lengths of M8 hex bolts with part number RAM-B-367U. While you can use smaller bolts, the base could become less stable as a result.

Q: This product appears to be pictured on a Jeep JL series A Pillar grab handle, but states that the hardware is not available. What hardware is required (bolt size, washer, spacer, etc) for this particular setup?

A: The hardware is sourced separately depending on what type of vehicle this is being used in, but for the setup shown in the images this was using a #14 x 2" screw, washer and a 1/4" spacer. You could use a #14 x 1.75" screw without a spacer, but this might be harder to source.