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RAM Marine Swing Arm - Double with Vertical Base for Fishfinders & Plotters

RAM Marine Swing Arm - Double with Vertical Base for Fishfinders & Plotters


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RAM-109V-1U RAM® Vertical 12" Swing Arm Mount for Fishfinders & Plotters


* Universal drill-down fishfinder mounting solution features two 152mm swing arms for ideal device placement on a vertical surface
* Two pivot points allow for complete 360-degree rotation
* Made of powder-coated, marine-grade aluminium for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments
* Backed by a lifetime warranty

The RAM double swing arm mount includes two 152mm long BENT swing arms mounted on a vertical surface mounting base. At the end of the device mount is a rectangular 159 x 51mm top base. The pivoting points of the mount allow a complete 360 degree rotation.

In certain applications additional holes may need to be drilled for proper fit with your electronic device.


Overall Length: 447.8mm (17.63")
Overall Height: 294.1mm (11.58")

Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminium

1.68kg (3.71 lbs)

Weight Capacity
3.62 kg (8 lbs)

Compatible Devices Include:

echoMAP Chirp 72-95 Series
ECHOMAP Plus 72-97 Series
ECHOMAP UHD 62-95 Series
ECHOMAP Ultra 102sv, 106sv
GPSMAP 722, 722xs
GPSMAP 723, 723xsv
GPSMAP 742, 742xs
GPSMAP 743, 743xsv
GPSMAP 8410, 8410xsv
GPSMAP 8412, 8412xsv
GPSMAP 8416, 8416xsv
GPSMAP 8610, 8610xsv
GPSMAP 8612, 8612xsv
GPSMAP 8616, 8616xsv
GPSMAP 922, 922xs
GPSMAP 923, 923xsv
GPSMAP 942, 942xs
GPSMAP 943, 943xsv
GPSMAP 1223, 1223xsv
GPSMAP 1243, 1243xsv
Striker Plus 5cv, 7cv, 7sv, 9sv
Striker Vivid 5cv, 7cv, 7sv, 9sv
Fishfinders and GPS Chartplotters

Apex 13,16
Helix 8, 9, 10, 12, 15
Solix 15
Fishfinders and GPS Chartplotters

Elite FS 7
HDS Carbon 7
Hook Reveal 7 Series, Reveal 9 Series
Fishfinders and GPS Chartplotters

Fishfinders and GPS Chartplotters

RAM-111BTU Rectangular Plate Adapter for Swing Arm Mounts
RAM-109-1AU 6" Curved Swing Arm Extension
RAM-109-1APU 6" Curved Swing Arm for Horizontal/Vertical Mounts
RAM-109V-BU Vertical Swing Arm Base



Q: What screws are used to attach the RAM Mount to the gimbal bracket?

A: Typically the gimbal bracket included with your fishfinder will also come with mounting screws that should connect to the RAM® mounting plate. As these mounts are universal and are for many different applications, the necessary hardware needed for each application will vary. For marine applications, RAM® recommends stainless steel hardware to prevent corrosion.

Q: Could you use the RAM® Composite Rail Mount Adapter Kit, Part#:RAP-233U, UPC:793442909795, to mount this to a vertical rail? Thanks

A: The RAP-233U is not compatible with this mount. However the vertical swing arm mount can attach to vertical rails with the use of any third party U-Bolts or hose clamps. The base is designed with various slotted holes to accept u-bolts or hose clamps for virtually any size rails.

Q: Would this mount be able to hold a Raymarine Axiom 12+ multifunction display?

A: The mounting plate on our swing arms will not line up with the holes on the Axiom bracket, so in that regard it will not fit. You could always drill additional holes in the bracket to make it work with the swing arms, but otherwise we recommend our D Size double ball mounts found here for the Axiom 12 Series (standard and plus). You can always mount the double ball mounts to a vertical surface; it just wouldn't have that same swing feature.

Q: Can this mount be adapted to mount on a vertical round rail?

A: Yes, there is a V-shaped indent on the back of the base that allows you to mount this to a vertical rail. The base does not come with any rail mounting hardware, but it has various holes to either allow U-Bolts or strap hose claps to be routed through to mount this onto a vertical rail.