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RAM Suction Cup Base - Triple with NO BALL - AMPS hole pattern

RAM Suction Cup Base - Triple with NO BALL - AMPS hole pattern


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RAP-365-224-1BU RAM® Twist-Lock™ Triple Suction Cup Base with AMPS Hole Pattern


* RAM® Twist-Lock™ triple suction cup base is ideal for windshields and other nonporous surfaces
* The ideal solution when heavier devices are used and / or the environment is a high-vibration one
* RAM ball and socket technology allows for near-infinite adjustability
* Made of high-strength composite for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments
* Backed by a lifetime warranty

This suction mount is ideal for high vibration environments (e.g. helicopters, tractors) and consists of a triple 83.8mm (3.3") twist lock suction cup base with plate that contains the universal AMPs hole pattern. The suction cup is designed to have an extra strong hold on any smooth non-porous surface, but for best result, mount the suction cup on a glass or non-porous plastic surface.

Our customers have used these in high vibration enbvironents such as aviation and forestry.


Hole Pattern
4-Hole AMPS:
1.181" x 1.496" (30mm x 38mm)

The most commonly used bases to connect to RAM arms are either the RAM-202U (round base with 1.5" ball) or RAM-B-202U (round base with 1" ball). For this triple suction cup base with RAM-202U base see part RAP-365-224-1U

If you need 2 arms from this base then use the "B" series RAM-B-217U Double Ball Adaptor with Round Base

Hardware Included
Assembly Hardware
(4) #10-24 x 5/8" Machine Screws
(4) #10-24 Nylock Nuts

Suction Size
(3) x 84mm (3.3") Diameter Bases, Total Width 201.9mm (7.95")

High Strength Composite

322 grams (0.71 lbs)


This is the single suction cup mount but it gives a good idea of the mechanism


Q: What surfaces is this suction cup compatible with?

A: Suction cups work by creating a vacuum, so they require an extremely smooth surface. If the surface is textured at all air can get in and the suction cup with loose grip. Suction cup mounts work best against windows and highly polished metal surfaces.