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RAM Tough Track Alloy Rail - 228mm / 9" length

RAM Tough Track Alloy Rail - 228mm / 9" length


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RAM-TRACK-EXA-9U - Tough-Track™ flat surface mounting allows mounting multiple devices with one convenient solution.

Have several screens but are running out of space? This is the solution for you.

Turn empty flat real estate into a super useful mounting point. The extruded aluminium version of the RAM Tough-Track can be drilled and fixed to any flat surface and is designed for use with #8 screws for easy installation – hardware not included.

This is a dependable and rugged mounting solution with the anodized aluminium providing a smooth slide across the track and anti-corrosion protection.

The RAM-TRACK-EXA-9 features 228mm (9 inches) of usable track length (aluminium section), while the included top loading end caps add about 38mm in length to each end (76mm of additional length).

The end caps allow for two installation options: either use both top loading end caps to create insertion points on both ends of the track, or use one top loading end cap and close the opposite end with the included flush end cap.

Extend the mounting surface or turn corners with the RAM Center Loader Adapter or 90 Degree Connector, as well as a wide variety of RAM T-track bases to attach devices like action cameras, fishing rods, phones and tablets.

Specs & Features

Marine-grade aluminium and high-strength composite

Part number reflects product packaged in clear polybag.

127 grams / 0.28 lbs.

Track-Balls to fit
RAP-354U-TRA1U - 1.5" C Series
RAP-B-354U-TRA1U - 1" B Series