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RAM Wheelchair 2-Point Base - Rugged Quick Release

RAM Wheelchair 2-Point Base - Rugged Quick Release


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RAP-AAPR-WCT-2-30BU RAM® Rugged Quick Release Wheelchair 2-Point Base with Ball


* Ultra-stable mounting system that can be easily disconnected and swapped with other mounting components with the simple push of a button
* Two RAM® Adapt-A-Post™ receivers connect to either both wheelchair armrests or both seat tracks
* 762mm (30”) flex rod can be configured to any desirable position, with posts to click into both receivers
* Ideal for steady camera mounting and positioning tablets front & center for convenient viewing
* Included RAM® Torque™ Base can be positioned anywhere along the rod to support any ball & socket mounting system for phones, cameras, tablets, and more
* Backed by a lifetime warranty

The RAM® Rugged Quick Release Wheelchair 2-Point Base with Ball is the first product in our new collection of User-Inspired Kits. Developed in collaboration with Ian Mackay, Guinness World Record holder and longtime friend to RAM®, this ultra-stable mounting system includes two RAM® Adapt-A-Post™ receivers and a 30" flex rod that connects to either both of the wheelchair's armrests or seat tracks and can then be configured to any position. When connected, both ends of the 30" rod braces the arm rests, keep the entire mount stable and ultra-rugged for on-the-go use, all while offering an intuitive, quick-disconnect feature. Whether you want to mount a single tablet front and center or a combination of devices, this is the ideal solution for convenient viewing.
hardware included

(4) #10-32 T-Nuts
(4) #10-32 Flat Weld Nuts
(4) #10-32 x 7/16" Machine Screws
(4) #8-32 x 3/4" Machine Screws
(4) #8-32 Nylock Nuts
(4) #8 Washers

T-Bolt Dimensions
Large: 12.2mm x 24.1mm (.48" x .95")
Small: 9.53mm x 15.06mm (.375" x .593")

Hole pattern
2-Hole AMPS: 1.912"

Ball size
B Size (1")

Weight Capacity
Standard Use: 907 grams (2 lbs)
Heavy-Duty Use: 454 grams (1 lb)

Marine-grade aluminium
High strength composite

807 grams (1.78 lb)