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Ready2Talk Amplified PA System - PA63 Simplified

Ready2Talk Amplified PA System - PA63 Simplified


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PA 63 Simplified Amplified PA System

* 4 x 50 Watts offering the best sound quality of any PA
* Connects to any stereo, OEM or aftermarket
* 3 levels of internal vehicle noise suppression
* Supports hand mics to headsets, wired to wireless, all just plug and play

So you’re looking for a great sounding PA system with a headset or possibly a wireless mic, but you don’t’ want to break the bank. The PA 63 is the little brother of our popular PA 64 and uses the same 4 x 50W amplifier, so it comes with all the performance and the basic features you need.

It connects to any stereo factory or aftermarket so it’s prefect for vans, mini busses and accepts all our microphones from hand held to headset, wired to wireless. Let the PA 63 introduce you to the performance, quality and support of Ready2Talk.

Today, with Covid 19, sharing a microphone is in question. Can your existing PA supplier offer you an ongoing low cost headset option? Most likely not… but we can.

Also, because of Distracted Driving Laws, drivers can no longer legally use a hand mic, so we are often asked about hands free options? No Problem.
The PA 63 is the key to allowing change. It’s a simplified version of our super popular PA 64 with all the performance at a lower price. Now you can affordably offer all your drivers their own hand mic or headset, wired to wireless.

PA 63 Specifications

High Level Input
12VPP (peak to peak)

Low Level Input
450mV – 4V

Microphone Input

Current Drain (Max)
12V Constant Power (Yellow Wire) 10Amp
12V Switched Power (Red Wire) 250mA

Total Current Drain at Normal Volumes 2.5Amp
Standby Current Drain 30mA (with optional mute board)
Power Output (Using 4 Ohm Speakers) 4 x 50 Watts (Peak) 4 x 22 Watts (RMS)

Case Measurements (Including Flange)
H 42mm x W 143mm x D 105mm

Front Panel Measurements (Without Flange)
H 42mm x W 118mm x D 105mm