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Ready2Talk Amplified PA System - PA64 Installer series

Ready2Talk Amplified PA System - PA64 Installer series


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PA 64 Standalone Amplified PA System specifically designed for tour buses and vans that don't have a built in stereo with AUX inputs available.

* 4 x 50 Watts internal amp
* 2 x Mic inputs
* Connects to any stereo with dual level input
* User controlled solid-state variable music muting
* AUX input for iPad or Automated Info systems
* Extra front plate with reverse printing included for mounting upside down.

The PA 64 was designed with today’s technology and full features for today’s needs, offering many mic options, great sound quality for a reasonable price.

This is an a standalone PA system designed for simple installation in vehicles, just add speakers and a Ready2Talk headset. It will give you better sound quality than any other PA system.

It features dual mic inputs, separate mic volume and a variable solid state muting control that will automatically mute your backing music or video from 0 – 100% when the mic is turned on.

This model has a built in 4 x 50W amplifier and accepts both RCA and speaker line level inputs. It also features a second 3.5mm auxiliary input socket which allows use of a pre-recorded audio track when you are not using the mic.

Mate it with a Ready2Talk wired or Bluetooth headset and you have a high quality PA system.

- RME (rear mic extension) allows use with a rear guide or party bus Karaoke mic.

- RMK (remote mounting kit) hides the PA 64 for a custom look.

- HS36 Wired Headset

- HSBT3 Bluetooth headset (BT hand mic also available)

Installs like an old school car stereo.

If your existing PA system is holding you back… now is the time to change to the PA 64, no matter what you drive.