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Sena SMH5 Intercom - ideal for solo rider - use phone / music / GPS - single

Sena SMH5 Intercom - ideal for solo rider - use phone / music / GPS - single


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Sena SESMH510

This is the entry level SENA intercom - ideal for the solo rider - or to pair with another similar unit for rider to pillion. Why pay for features and range that you don't need - you will enjoy all the Sena quality at an attractive price.


Our simplest clamp design yet

The SMH5 MultiCom was designed to easily snap on and off of user’s helmets. The Quick Clamp allows the unit to be quickly and effortlessly installed and then transferred between helmets – ideal for motorcycle training courses, tours or rentals. In addition to the simple installation, the jog dial and large intercom button on the SMH5 MultiCom make for an intuitive user interface that’s easy to control while riding for riders new or old!


Communicating at a noisy riding school or guided motorcycle tour where everyone is wearing a helmet can be a challenge, that’s where the SMH5 MultiCom comes in. Designed specifically for various types of motorcycle training, rentals, or guided moto tours, the SMH5 MultiCom provides four-way intercom functionality that keeps you connected to a group of riders for instant feedback and communication through the crystal-clear sound from the mono Bluetooth® stereo headset, while Advanced Noise Control™ technology cuts down on background noise for both incoming and outgoing audio. From track training to motorcycle riding tours the SMH5 keeps everyone in the loop and riding in the right direction.


The Quick Clamp features an optional static boom microphone, for riders to have the ability to easily remove the microphone so they can only hear instructions from their coach or tour group leader. Simply remove the microphone and place the microphone cap on the port, which is located directly on the Quick Clamp.


In addition to the features that make the SMH5 MultiCom optimal for training, it is still packed with features perfect for everyday riding. Bluetooth 3.0 technology gives you the ability to make hands-free calls and participate in a one-to-one intercom conversation with a riding buddy up to 700 meters (760 yards) away, while delivering GPS directions, and providing the capability to listen to music when paired with an MP3 player or smartphone with mono audio support.


You get up to seven hours of talk time and seven days of standby on a single charge. All registered Sena owners get access to free firmware upgrades, which ensure your SMH5 is always operating with the latest software updates. Meanwhile, integrated voice prompts (available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish) help you quickly learn your way around the device.


Talk time: 7 hours
Stand-by time: 7 days
Operating temperature: - 10°C – 55°C (14°F – 131°F)
Headset: 69.9 mm x 45.0 mm x 30.6 mm (2.8 in x 1.8 in x 1.2 in)
Speaker: driver unit 32 mm – thickness 5.6 mm
Boom microphone length: 205 mm
Weight: Headset: 40 g (1.41 oz)
Advanced Noise Control™
Wind noise reduction
Built-in SBC Codec
Mono Audio
Wide volume control
Sample rate: 48 kHz (DAC)
Headset Profile (HSP)
Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
Bluetooth 3.0
Working distance: up to 700 meters (760 yards) in open terrain
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Type: Lithium polymer